Our company and it's journey.

God never said that the journey would be easy, but he did say that the arrival would be worthwhile.

About Our Company

On 26th of June 2019, a company was formed to help the people to get the best quality & fresh spices in an affordable rate. ‘Grandma’s Coorg Spices’… Yes! that’s the name of our company. You can describe it as a ‘People’s Company’ as it works mainly for the people… money is secondary.

We all know that in today’s world we need something affordable that we use in our day to day life like ‘SPICES’. And there was a thought on my mind to form a company that is dedicated only for good quality spices and that too fresh & the most important thing… ‘Affordable’.

I know that we are a new company and there will be a time when you will think that why should you trust us? right… So, let me tell you that although we are a new company, we are young and dedicated youth of today’s generation and we don’t want our people to refer our company as a fraud or a fake company.

On a personal note, I want to share something which is close to my heart. The lady on our company’s logo is my grandmother, whom we lost forever a few days back. We loved her and don’t want to spoil her name by faking or forging anyone. And for us, we are a family now, and we don’t want to loose our family.

So please trust us, give us a chance and be a part of this family.

About Our Online Store

We have a wide range of Spices in our store which are used in our day to day’s life. From Whole to Ground Spices, from Tea to Coffee, from Chocolates to Honey… we have them all. And if you want any other spices which is missing in our online store, just mail us. We will try our best to arrange it for you.

When we list the spices in our online store, we make sure to make it as affordable as we can to help our family (our customers) not to think twice before buying.  And also when we ship your orders, we make sure that the spices are fresh and in good condition.

As you can see in our shop, we have a variety of spices listed. And we are trying our best to add more spices in our list. If you think of any spices which you want us to add, just mail us. Also we have variety of payment option for your convenience. You can check this options in the bottom (footer) of our website.

So, go to our online shop and ENJOY SHOPPING!!!

Our Three Pillars

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